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Last modified: 21/8/2018 PST

Don't worry it's not a big problem! There are two ways to approve your site for Google AdSense.

Way one:

Make 250 visitors in every day (Daily). (Not for 1 time).


Way two:

Make your website on this structure.

Advertisement by Google
<html lang="en_US" itemscope itemprop=""/>
<!-- Don't remove this comment:: © Copyright webniam verified code for AdSense || -->
<title> Your site or page title. </title>
Meta tags for: favicon,main image, title, description,keywords etc.
External CSS.
Internal CSS
JS code if you call before page loading. (We did't recommended to you).
Google tag manger code. (Not analytics code here).
<header itemprop="header" >
<nav role="navigation" itemprop="menu navigation nav">
links area, your site menu i.e. Home, books, cars, shopping etc.
<main itemprop="main body">
Your working.
<footer itemprop="footer" role="footer">
<nav itemprop="sitemap" role="sitemap">
links area, for your site menu i.e. Home, books, cars, shopping etc.
<nav itemprop="sitefeed" role="sitefeed">
links area for feedBack, contact, about, privacy policy, trems condition etc.
Google Analytics or other analytics code. (Not Google tag manger code here).
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